During the pre-inspection cleaning operation of a pipeline, cleaning a pipeline that has not been pigged for a period of time or decommissioning a pipeline, it is much required to adopt a progressive pipeline cleaning approach. It is a method which allows the pipeline to be cleaned progressively and safely, without the risk of excessive liquids or debris removal or blockage in pipeline.

In general, Electronic Geometry Pigging service is carried out in order to analyze the integrity of the pipeline in terms of dents, ovalities or any abnormalities of a pipeline. It is also capable of providing the 3D mapping of the flow in the pipeline. Caliper Pigging is a process used to detect any major anomalies in a pipelines geometry such as dents or ovalities. When used in combination with other mapping systems such as GPS coordinates a thorough picture of the lines geometry and layout can built. We are providing caliper pigging service for pipeline commissioning and pipeline surveys.

Usually, during the flow of product in a pipeline result in the buildup of solid particles (iron oxide/black powder, wax, asphaltenes, and so on) inside a pipeline and eventually slow down the flow rate and pipeline performance. We do extend our support in cleaning & servicing pipeline using brush pigs or any specialty pigs (based on flowing product), which assures that the pipeline is clean from any debris or obstacles.

During the course of a pipeline, cleaning or inspection run there is always a small risk of a pig being stuck or lost inside the pipeline. In order to avoid this, CDI based TRAXALL Transmitter and Signal Receiver can be used to the track movement of pigs inside the pipeline. We offer products of CDI brands to our customers and carry out pig tracking service along with other pigging services.

The methodology chosen for a specific line in times of maintenance is a function of the time allocated for cleaning it, the degree of line cleaning that is required, operational restrictions, line condition, and how much risk will be present in the event that the pig blocks the line. It is usually recommended to carry out a maintenance pigging program which can be defined as the process of running a pig that to service the line which is under maintenance (to be done in periodic interval, ensure there is no loss in performance of pipeline flow) in order to remove deposits partially during the run. Although this approach may take longer period of time, it reduces the risk of a reduced performance/failure of a pipeline.

We offer our clients not only the service based on their pigging requirement, but we do extend our support in pigging consultation, considering the situation and need of pigging in the pipeline. With our experience in the field of pigging and our expert staff, we are experience of planning the various steps in pigging service and execute them accordingly.