Pigs Tracking Device

During a pipeline cleaning or inspection run, there is always a small risk of a pig getting stuck or lost inside the pipeline has adapted advanced pipeline pig tracking and locating system developed The devices sophisticated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology enables its users to track up to 7 different transmitter frequencies at the same time while a precise user interface allows for easy pig location to within centimeters.


Permanent magnet tracking and locating capabilities allow easy Passage detection, Pinpointing, and launch/receive verification of Magnetic Flux Leakage inspection tools. The 770's graphical interface for Magnetic Flux Leakage or MFL shows familiar zero-crossing signals with full Pinpointing, recording and passage monitoring.


It the equipped with a high-speed GPS allowing arbitrary points of interest to be Way pointed and stored in the system's memory as GPS coordinates. Routes taken to and from hard-to-find locations can be TrackPoint recorded for easy reference. Returning to a pig's Waypoint location or retracing your path along a pipeline with TrackPoint’s can be achieved through built-in Navigate to Waypoint capabilities. Waypoint and TrackPoint can also be downloaded and viewed with Google Maps for desktop PC viewing of navigation data.

Bluetooth and Satellite Notification

The Bluetooth wireless feature allows downloading of recorded passages, Waypoints, TrackPoint, and remote viewing of the system from a vehicle in unfavorable weather conditions. The device may also be equipped with a radio system that provides the capability to autonomously monitor pig passages and send remote notifications like emails or text messages. As the system works through satellite from anywhere in the world it requires no cellular telephone network.