Gauging Pig

Gauging Pigs

Bi-Directional Gauging Pig is one of the most important inspection tools available as it provides a fast, cost-effective way to determine whether there is an obstruction in the pipeline.

The gauging pig is used during the pre-commissioning and maintenance, operations and repair activities and is designed to suit dual-diameter pipelines.

Bi-directional gauging pigs are available from 2″ to 60″ and in a variety of body constructions. The standard model is supplied with Twelve polyurethane discs; two support/guide discs that assist loading and centralization in the pipeline and Four sealing discs and Six Spacer discs to maintain the space between the gauge discs and ceiling disc which drive, deal and scrape.

The gauge plates are manufactured from 6mm thick aluminum and machined to the client's specific order. The gauge plates can be solid or segmented, and extra sealing and guide discs can be added if the pig is to be used over a long distance (150km) or the pipeline conditions are particularly arduous.

When used in conjunction with Online Electronics’ system, the presence and position of defects along a subsea pipeline can be identified. This is achieved by running a pig fitted with a transducer and gauge plate through the line. The transducer monitors the condition of the gauge plate and reports the condition remotely by transmitting coded acoustic pulses at ranges of up to 1km. Once decoded using On line’s Audio scope software, the location of any defects can be determined.