Decoking Pig

Decoking - Decoking Pigs

Decoking pigs are designed to remove very hard deposits like coke buildup in fired heaters. These pigs are manufactured with high-quality polyurethane using a foam core with various types of heavy-duty tungsten studs sealed into the body of the pig. This urethane body allows the fluid to flow around the pig with no saturation. Decoking pigs are used in the same concept of progressive pigging with bypass for flow disposal of debris. These can be made in various durometers of urethane, dependent upon compression requirements. Decoking pigs can also be used for pipeline cleaning purposes for very hard deposits that other pigging products may not be able to remove.

It is important to obtain technical assistance in regards to using decoking pigs along with proper methods for pushing the pig and specific flow rates required.